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Vision Statement

Mission Statement

How SMC Mining & Drilling Training Academy started

SMC Mining and Drilling Training Academy (Pty) Ltd, was founded in July 2013 to address the need for skills development in the Mining Sector. SMC Mining and Drilling Training Academy is based in Rustenburg and has aligned to the Mining Qualification Authority’s (MQA) standards.

Our Vision

SMC Mining and Drilling Training Academy’s vision is to be nationally and internationally recognised as an institution of excellence in the education, training and development practices sector, focusing on integrity, alleviation of poverty, black economic empowerment, development, and contributing to increased professionalism of the mining sector throughout the African continent.

Our Mission

To facilitate the highest standard of National Qualifications Framework (NQF) aligned outcomes-based education and training in all fields of learning and education to the mining sector, enabling visible and measurable improvements at top, middle and operation levels of the workforce, that contribute meaningfully to the economic success and social upliftment throughout Africa.


As a training provider, we have the following set of values that guide us to maintain the level of service we desire to deliver to our clients:


  1. Reliability: we strive to keep our promises.
  2. Integrity: our clients can trust us because we believe in honesty.
  3. Customer focus: we place high value in our clients and their needs.
  4. Empower our clients: we strive to provide our clients with knowledge to empower themselves and to create their own freedom.
  5. Respect: we respect our clients.
  6. Unprejudiced: we operate without prejudice and are non-discriminatory on all levels.
  7. Quality service and products: we deliver cost effective outcomes-based education training and development, in line with the National Skills Development Strategy.
  8. Partnership with clients and stakeholders: we continuously address education, training and development needs to sustain the credibility and relevance of our training programmes.
  9. Client support: we enable accessibility of information which will lead to enhancement of service programs delivered to our clients.
  10. Political affiliation: SMC Mining and Drilling Training Academy does not support or finance any political party. We focus on the development of the African continent as a whole, and will support where possible, and within reason, people, organisations or entities that have this focus at their core.

Black Economic Empowerment

SMC Mining and Drilling Training Academy (Pty) Ltd is a Level 2 contributor to BEE.

SMC Mining and Drilling Training Academy (Pty) Ltd is committed to the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) process in South Africa and is fully supportive of the government’s transformation objectives.


As a practical and implementable extension of our commitment, SMC MDTA has taken proactive steps to ensure that we adopt and implement an achievable BEE strategy, which includes and addresses the following imperatives:


  • Equity
  • Skills Development
  • Preferential procurement
  • Employment Equity
  • Corporate Social Investment
  • Management

Professional Associations

SMC Mining and Drilling Training Academy (Pty) Ltd boasts partnership agreements with Higher Education, Further Education and Training Institutions as well as Government to ensure that the needs addressed will sustain the credibility and relevance of its education and training programmes.


SMC Mining and Drilling Training Academy (Pty) Ltd mainly focuses on providing fit-for-purpose education and training to the mining sector. A good relationship is fostered with MQA to ensure that our focus is in line with the needs of the Mining Sector.

Approach to Service Delivery

SMC Mining and Drilling Training Academy (Pty) Ltd approach to service delivery is encapsulated in the following concepts:


“Batho Pele” – People First

  • Consultation: we need to understand your needs in order to recommend solutions
  • Service Standards: we strive for excellence
  • Access: we strive to make our services available to people from all backgrounds and all levels of employment
  • Courtesy and care: we care for people and treat them with courtesy
  • Openness and Transparency: what you see is what you get
  • Redress: we are flexible and can respond maturely
  • Value for money



We do not only offer training just for training’s sake, we offer empowerment through education, training and development solutions in order to capacitate our clients and help them achieve success.



Your success is our success

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