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Skills Programme

Rock Drill Operator in Underground Hard Rock Mines with specialisation in Diamond Drilling

Who should attend

Candidates wanting to become diamond drill rig operators

Unit Standards Covered

MnH-G501 or 244445 Follow basic health and safety practices underground

MnH-G811 or 244383 Conduct continuous hazard identification and risk assessment within a workplace

MnH-G538 or 244416 Make safe a workplace by means of barring

MnH-G578 or 244453 Demonstrate an understanding of the identification of and dealing with rock strata conditions

MnH-G702 or 244380 Support an underground working place by means of temporary support units

MnH-G525 or 244415 Drill holes by means of a hand-held rock drill machine

Drill holes by means of a Diamond Drill – see topics under Diamond Drill Rig Operator